About Us

What is Buoy Up?

Buoy Up is a tool that transforms the passive experience of reading the news into active charitable engagement. While you're reading an article, blog or social media post about an urgent social issue, Buoy Up will connect you with a charity determined to solve it. The tool will allow you to donate to those charities in incremental amounts without having to bother with the hassle of multiple sign-ups and forms. Right now, Buoy Up takes the form of simple Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Why did you build Buoy Up?

Lauren, one of the founders, was working on UNICEF's social media team. During the aftermath of humanitarian disasters like earthquakes, floods, and war, followers from around the world would always ask, "What can I do to help?" The answer, inevitably, was to donate money. But many large organizations aren't equipped to handle smaller amounts, from any country in the world. This project is an attempt to facilitate that, on a large scale, and across charities.

Who are you people, anyway?

We're a team of four women motivated by the following ideas:

  1. That people want to give money to help others in need, and they would give a lot more with the right tools at the right moment.
  2. That people would be better patrons of media if they felt they could do something real to improve the outcomes of the stories they read.
  3. When people are constantly bombarded with bad news without a means to "help", they will cease caring about being informed.
  4. That our society and government need an informed populace to function well.

How do you rank charities?

There are many organizations devoted to ranking charities. We're trying to centralize that information in a convenient way. But we're also aware that rankings have their limitations, and that most small organizations usually aren't covered by these groups.

I have another question. Will you answer it?

We'll sure try.

Meet the team

Lauren Holmes
Tracy Huynh
Leslie Poston
Sarah Risen-Robertson